About Us

Our Story

Sydney Float Centre, created out of passion, enthusiasm and a belief in floating, offers the largest, finest and most advanced float tanks at two convenient locations in Sydney. We are focused on reducing stress and pain, and helping our customers feel rejuvenated, relaxed and energised.

Our state-of-the-art centres in Darlinghurst and Brookvale are meticulously designed to create a calm and welcoming environment where you can stop in to unwind and rest beyond mind and body. From our website to the phone all the way to the first time you walk in our door. You will know, we love what we do.

So why not take a moment for yourself, unplug from your schedule and just float.


Level 2, 1A Cross Street, Brookvale
02 8095 8300
Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 9pm (Closed Mondays).
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm

66 Riley Street, Darlinghurst
02 8018 6456
Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 9pm  (Closed Mondays).
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm

Our Pods

Sydney Float Centre has brought the latest in Zero-Gravity pod technology to Sydney.

We are taking floating into the 21st century by being the first and only destination in Sydney to offer the technologically advanced float pods, ready to Exit Gravity?

Our pod’s boast a modern and sophisticated design, and are specifically built with luxury and comfort in mind.

With their organic and smooth shape, along with their spacious interior, our pods are sure to exude a safe and welcoming presence. You will marvel at their elegant design and will feel both safe and comfortable in their embrace.

Unprecedented Comfort

The internal floatation area of our pods are 50% larger than most tanks on the market making the in-tank experience much more comfortable. The unit is fully ventilated through natural convection and guaranteed draught free.

Integrated Audio

Our pods all contain an in-tank audio system, using the latest transducer technology, which excite the skin of the tank to ensure optimum fidelity. For our members, we allow folks to bring their own choices of music, guided mediation or audiobooks to help in visualisation or excelled learning.

Integrated Chakra Light Therapy

Our pods all contain integrated Soft-light therapy via LED light and control technology. Customers can choose to initiate the pod’s computerized light show at anytime which slowly scrolls through endless vibrant chakra colours. Practitioners of chromotherapy will love this feature.

Sanitation in the Pod

The water within our floatation pods may well be the most pristine and hygienic water you will ever encounter. It undergoes, multiple times per day, a comprehensive filtration process, which removes any and all particulate. Combined with the natural disinfecting qualities of the dense Epsom salt solution and additional non-toxic disinfectant, there is no cleaner or safer water environment to relax in. Floating in a our floatation pods is many times safer than swimming in a public swimming pool or even your own backyard hot tub.

High Salt Effect

The water in the pod is roughly 40% magnesium sulfate (Epson Salt), essentially making the water sterile. No pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above 10%.


The entirety of the water is filtered through a one-micron filter three times after every float, which filters the water to an incredible 100 times smaller than a human hair. Skimmers are also used to keep the surface completely clear.


We measure and maintain the pH, alkalinity, buoyancy and temperature of our pods constantly. We also use an additional non-toxic disinfectant in all of our float pods combined with UV light.